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A division within Hygieneering, Inc. that focuses on providing expert level
Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Services that achieve and maintain
Safe, Healthy, and Productive Indoor Environments


Supporting Established Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Requirements for our Business Partners since 1987
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The Healthy Building Institute is staffed by an expert team of highly credentialed Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Management professionals that for the past three decades have successfully supported Safe, Healthy, Comfortable and Productive Indoor Environments for our business partners within the Academic, Healthcare, Commercial, Assisted Living, Hospitality and Multi-Tenant Residential market sectors.

To support HBI’s primary focus to achieve and maintain safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor environments for our business partners within all market sectors, HBI provides expert level indoor environmental health and safety inspection,  testing, consulting and reporting services to achieve and maintain Healthy Building Verification status. To further enhance and actively maintain safe and healthy Contact Surfaces and Indoor Air Quality standards HBI provides contact surface disinfection and protection solutions and Indoor Air Cleaning Technologies. 

To expertly support HBI’s primary focus for our business partners, HBI delivers Healthy Building Verification Programs, Contact Surface Hygiene Programs, and Indoor Air Quality Cleaning Technology Programs to achieve, enhance and maintain safe, healthy, comfortable, and productive indoor environments.

Engage HBI today to expertly work with your building's operations to achieve and verify a safe and healthy indoor environment exists within your facility through HBI's - "Healthy Building Verification Program."


To enhance and maintain a safe and healthy indoor environment, engage HBI's "Contact Surface Hygiene Program "and HBI's "Indoor Air Quality Cleaning Technology Program" that are supported through proven Contact Surface Hygiene Disinfection and Protection Chemistries and active Bipolar Air Ionization Technology. These two programs effectively protect indoor environmental contact surfaces in which we touch and the air in which we breath from harmful microbes (to include SARS-2-CoV) and bacteria to properly maintain safe and healthy indoor environments for building occupants in this COVID-19 world and beyond.  

HBI’s expert team of Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Professionals includes:

  • Certified Industrial Hygienists

  • Certified Safety Professionals

  • Microbiologists


  • Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Professionals

  • EH&S Professional Field Staff Inspection & Testing Technicians


Healthy Building Verification Program Engagement

HBI’s, Healthy Building Verification Program delivers a trusted 3rd party expert level EH&S technical solution and a transparent comprehensive communication component that affectively reassures stakeholders of a Building’s genuine commitment in achieving maintaining a safe and healthy Indoor Environment. 

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Contact Surface Hygiene Program Engagement

HBI and our strategic partner, MicroSonic Solutions, have joined forces to provide our business partners within all market sectors with an innovative, efficacious, and standardized contact surface hygiene program. HBI’s Contact Surface Hygiene Program delivers a safe & hygienic surface disinfection and protection program that is versatile, durable, easy and fast to deploy, and cost efficient to operate.

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Bipolar Air Ionization Technology Program Engagement

To effectively neutralize indoor airborne contaminants to include particulate matter, bacteria, viruses (such as SARS-2-CoV), mold spores, odors, and VOCs HBI has formed an alliance with a nationwide Bipolar Air Ionization Device manufacturer/distributor. Through this alliance, the Bipolar Air Ionization Devices that HBI delivers to our business partners within all market sectors are easy to install/maintain and cost efficient to procure and operate to achieve and maintain a safe and healthy indoor air quality that effectively combats COVID – 19 and other harmful indoor air quality pollutants.

Through HBV Program engagement, HBI also delivers an Indoor Environmental Management Plan that provides direction and resources to rapidly respond to potential Indoor Environmental Health and Safety problems. Then, they can be addressed early on with well-documented, scientific supported solutions.  As regulatory (EPA, OSHA) and scientific (AIHA, ACGIH, NIH, CDC) and engineering (ASHRAE, ASTM) standards have changed, so have our designs and approach to implementation.  Regardless of changing standards, our mission always remains to ensure that meaningful, proven and evidence-based measures are adopted and verified to create and maintain Safe, Healthy, Comfortable, and Productive Indoor Environments.

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