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HBI and our strategic partner, MicroSonic Solutions, have joined forces to provide the Academic, Healthcare, Commercial, Assisted Living and Multi-tenant Residential Markets with an innovative, efficacious, and standardized contact surface hygiene program. Our program delivers a safe & hygienic surface protection program that is versatile, fast, efficient, easy to use, durable, and cost effective.

HBI is proud to offer MicroSonic Solutions Application Technologies and Chemistry Solutions that effectively, easily and quickly provides interior contact surface protection by inhibiting the colonization and growth of harmful bacteria & microbes.

The Identified Need

Based on the HBI Indoor Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) team’s interaction with many of our business partners within these markets, HBI identified a serious need to develop a standardized Contact Surface Hygiene Program to assist our business partners who have instituted contact surface disinfection programs that were either creating ancillary adverse indoor environmental issues or were extremely costly and cumbersome to operate.


HBI realized our business partners truly required a standardized Contact Surface Hygiene Program that would provide both contact surface disinfection and protection capabilities and would also prove to be very effective, safe, save serious time and capital and would be easy to operate.

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The NovaRover

The NovaRover’s state-of-the-art, patented, omni-dimensional spray nozzle technology is based on a pressurized dispersion of the chemistry which avoids changing the chemistries it deploys on a molecular level like electrostatic/foggers do. The patented spray nozzle is engineered to provide wall to wall coverage and removes the human error factor of not correctly applying chemistries. This platform can safely disinfect or protect up to 700 sq ft with only 8 seconds of spray time while utilizing prepackaged chemistries that removes the human error factor of handling or diluting concentrated chemistries on site. 

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Expertly Fulfilling 
the Need

To expertly fulfill the need, for a period of over 6 months, the HBI team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Microbiologists and Environmental Engineers researched many types of chemistry application system platforms and contact surface hygiene disinfection and protection chemistries. 

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The NovaSentry

The NovaSentry utilizes the same Spray System technology as the NovaRover but is able to address areas within a facility that the NovaRover cannot easily address such as bleachers in a gymnasium or the interiors of buses, trains, or first responder vehicles.

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The HBI-MicroSonic Solutions Alliance

Through HBI’s research of the many types of chemistry application platforms and contact surface disinfection and protection chemistries, HBI has established a strategic alliance with MicroSonic Solutions to best serve our business partner’s needs for a standardized contact surface hygiene program that is safe and effective, does not create ancillary adverse indoor environmental issues, is easy to operate and cost and time efficient to employ.

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The Chemistry


While HBI and MicroSonic Solutions perform continual research on the best chemistries available within the global market so we can quickly and easily change chemistries when required to address new viral strains that may adversely impact our society, based on our most current expert level research on contact surface disinfection and protection chemistries, HBI and MicroSonic Solutions has selected the Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield Chemistry to effectively support the HBI Contact Surface Hygiene Program for our business partners.    

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