Application Solutions:  
The NovaRover™ and NovaSentry™ Mobile Delivery Systems Provide unsurpassed spray coverage using omni-directional nozzles, requires less chemistry and less labor.

The NovaRover, as engaged by United Airlines
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Introducing the MicroSonic Solutions NovaRover

The NovaRover’s state-of-the-art Chemistry Spray System Technology is based on a pressurized dispersion of the chemistry which avoids changing the chemistries it deploys on a molecular level like electrostatic/foggers do. MicroSonics' patented omni-dimensional nozzle spray technology is engineered to provide wall to wall coverage and removes the human error factor of not correctly applying chemistries. This platform can safely disinfect or protect up to 700 sq ft with only 8 seconds of spray time while utilizing prepackaged chemistries that removes the human error factor of handling or diluting concentrated chemistries on site. 

The NovaRover’s chemistry application platform is ideal to disinfect and protect contact surfaces of all types within both small and very large facilities of all types.


Introducing the MicroSonic Solutions NovaSentry

The NovaSentry utilizes the same Spray System technology as the NovaRover and is utilized to address areas within a facility that the NovaRover cannot easily address such as bleachers in a gymnasium or the interiors of buses, trains, or first responder vehicles.

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