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Asbestos & Lead Testing

Asbestos and Lead Testing


Asbestos & Lead Assessments that minimize risk and put clients in control.


Hygieneering, Inc.'s highly experienced Asbestos and Lead Consulting Division has the necessary experience, credentials and insurance to ensure that projects of any size are performed safely, legally and cost-effectively.


Asbestos & Lead Surveys


Hygieneering provides clients with comprehensive Operations and Maintenance Programs and Training to manage facility related asbestos and lead issues. These services enable facility operators to manage these materials safely in place.


If renovation, demolition or maintenance work is driving asbestos or lead abatement activity, Hygieneering can design the project, solicit competitive bids from qualified contractors and manage the project to reduce liability and save client costs.


Hygieneering continues to develop customized programs for the identification and management of environmental issues. We standardize program implementation to ensure consistency for companies that have multiple locations.


Asbestos & Lead Consulting Services include:


  • Turnkey Environmental Remediation Services

  • Building Inspections to identify and quantify materials

  • Project Designs and Specifications for Abatement

  • Project Management, Documentation and Environmental Testing Services

  • Operations & Maintenance Programs

  • Accredited Training Center and Services needed to comply with applicable EPA and OSHA regulations

  • In-House, AIHA/PAT Laboratory for air sampling & air monitoring analysis


For more information, click to contact Mike Bartos via email or call 630-706-6687 or click to contact Brad Karich via email or call 630-706-6682.

To see examples of recent Asbestos & Lead projects, click here.
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