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Aurora, IL

Healthy Building Verified for:

Indoor Air Quality

Water Quality

Contact Surface Hygiene


The City of Aurora is committed to maintaining this building in accordance with healthy building guidance established by OSHA, EPA, ASHRAE, AIHA and the CDC. As part of this commitment, Aurora City Hall has engaged the Healthy Building Institute’s (HBI) – Healthy Building Verification Program.


The Healthy Building Verification (HBV) Program has provided a high-level 3rd party review of this building’s operations as related to indoor air quality, drinking water quality and contact surface hygiene. The City of Aurora’s participation within the HBI-HBV program documents their commitment and compliance with healthy building guidance and professionally assists in assuring its building occupants that the City Hall Building is providing Healthy Air to Breathe, Water to Drink and Surfaces to Touch in this current COVID -19 world and beyond.


The Healthy Building Institute (HBI) is staffed by an expert team of Certified Industrial Hygienists, Certified Safety Professionals, Microbiologists, LEED APs, and Environmental and Mechanical Engineering Professionals. This dedicated team of expert EH&S professionals has been successfully supporting established Indoor Environmental Health and Safety protocols within the Commercial, Academic, Healthcare, and Multi-tenant Residential building market sectors for over the past three decades.


This Healthy Building Verified property has experienced the following expert 3rd party Environmental Health and Safety Inspection, Testing, Guidance and Verification scope of services to professionally assist in supporting a Safe, Healthy, Comfortable, and Productive Indoor Environment:


  • Indoor Air Quality Testing to meet OSHA, EPA, ASHRAE and CDC guidance for indoor environments.

  • Water Quality Testing of potable drinking water supplies to verify safe and healthy water quality is being provided per EPA drinking water quality standards.

  • HVAC mechanical system inspection and operations guidance to verify the HVAC system within this facility is properly filtered, maintained, and operating to provide healthy indoor air quality per ASHRAE and EPA.

  • Contact Surface Hygiene - cleaning and disinfection review to verify that this facility’s daily cleaning and disinfection practices are in adherence to the guidance from OSHA, EPA, and CDC to properly maintain safe and healthy contact surface hygiene.  

  • Indoor Environmental Management Plan for the property that provides direction and resources to rapidly respond to potential Indoor Environmental Health and Safety problems so they can be addressed early on with well documented scientific supported solutions. 



The Healthy Building Institute is a division within Hygieneering, Inc. that focuses on providing expert Indoor Environmental Health and Safety Compliance Consulting/Inspection/Testing/Training & Verification services.

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