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EHS Assistance Service

Don’t have a CIH, CSP, CHMM, lead, asbestos or mold professional on your staff, but have EHS issues that need compliance attention? Now, you can ask a Hygieneering EHS Professional using our brand new service, “EHS Assistance”. This service is staffed by our team of certified industrial hygienists, certified safety professionals, certified hazardous materials managers and other EHS professionals; and is available regardless of your workplace’s location.

How It Works:

You have two options.  You can call our office at 800-444-7154 and ask to speak to one of the following Certified EHS professionals on our staff:


Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH)

Certified Safety Professional (CSP)

Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM)





Or, you can submit your EHS question(s) to us using the form below. Upload any diagram(s), picture(s), or other pertinent documentation that will allow our staff members to accurately address your questions and concerns using our Dropbox uploader. **Must be sent separately and in addition to your message.


Once your question is received, one of our EHS Professionals will thoroughly review the information, respond back to you if any additional information is required, and/or promptly go to work on every detail of your request. You will then receive a quick response with cost and time frame for getting your written report addressing the issue!


Please note that any and all information we receive will be kept completely confidential. If you decide not to use our service after submitting details and information to our staff, all of the information received will be deleted or otherwise destroyed.

Use this form to submit your question(s),

links to video(s), etc.

Thank you! Someone from our staff will get back to you shortly!

Use this form to upload any diagram(s), picture(s), or other pertinent documentation.

The members of our EHS Team are certified/accredited by the following organizations.

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