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Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing

Indoor Air Quality & Mold Testing


Hygieneering incorporates proven and established industrial hygiene principles and assessments tools. Our services provide facilities with a proactive approach to maintaining healthy and comfortable indoor air quality. These services are appropriate for newly built spaces, renovated spaces where HVAC modifications have occurred, as well as for IAQ complaint situations. We can help with LEED certification and green building designation.


Taking a proactive posture on your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues will accomplish the following:


• Minimize costs associated with future complaints regarding indoor air quality.

• Address current complaints and/or concerns by providing scientific data documenting the quality of air.

• Prevent a "sick building syndrome" from occurring.

• Maximize productivity of workers

• Promote a healthful work environment


Indoor Air Quality Assessments


In addition to our proactive IAQ assessments, Hygieneering’s expert IAQ Group offers solutions to address your IAQ concerns, including:


  • Mold & Moisture Investigations

  • Odor Assessments

  • Sick Building Issues

  • Flood Related Biological Testing

  • Airborne Particle Monitoring/Testing

  • Allergen Testing


IAQ Assess
Indoor Air Quality Management Program


  • A written IAQ management & mold prevention program customized to the facility

  • Facility inspection and IAQ testing performed twice a year by Hygieneering, Inc. during the heating and cooling seasons

  • Conformance with established American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (AHSRAE) guidelines for air quality and comfort

  • Annual training on IAQ management and mold prevention for the facility engineering staff to further enhance the program's implementation

  • Marketing support materials to assist in lease negotiations, address occupant indoor air quality concerns and to promote the facility's commitment in providing occupants with healthy and productive air quality.


Hygieneering's program enhances healthy air quality that will increase occupant comfort and productivity while reducing liability and related occupant sick days. This program effectively supports academic, commercial office, healthcare, hotel, condominium complex, retail, gaming, health club and manufacturing facility operations.


To receive a comprehensive proposal for implementing Hygieneering's annual Indoor Air Quality Management and Mold Prevention Program at your facility or for further information about our other environmental health and safety services, please contact us for more information.


IAQ Mgmt
Indoor Air Quality Green Building Features


Make sure your building delivers a healthy, productive and comfortable work environment with Hygieneering's Green Building Services.


Hygieneering's Green Building Services are an integral component of LEED EB, LEED NC, BOMA 360, and Green Globes Certification, which include the following to ensure IAQ success:

  • Initial construction IAQ inspection, baseline IAQ testing, and building material assessment services.

  • Existing Building Indoor Air Quality Management Plan and Proactive Assessments.

  • LEED BOMA 360 & Green Globe Certification Points are awarded for our IAQ Services.


Educating and Certifying Your Green Building Team


  • Green Building facility maintenance and engineering staff training is conducted on IAQ management and mold prevention. This training greatly assists to prevent IAQ issues and costly mold remediation by identifying, preventing and managing factors that create mold. We train your Green Building Team.

  • A building specific Indoor Air Quality Management and Mold Prevention Program Manual with checklists for building engineers to follow to continuously provide clean healthy indoor air quality will be developed and updated.


Program Benefits


  • Enhanced indoor air quality promotes comfort, good health and productivity

  • Enhanced occupant/tenant relations

  • Reduced potential for costly IAQ complaint response activity and mold remediations

  • An additional real estate asset when managing and leasing office space

  • Earn credits for your Green building


Do you manage a Green Building that is good for people and the environment? Is your air quality healthy and documented as such, so you can maintain a professional edge over other buildings when leasing space?


Hygieneering's Green Building Services will enable you to provide a comfortable, healthy and productive work environment for building occupants.


IAQ Green
Mold 1
Mold Inspection & Remediation Services


Mold Due Diligence Services for residential and commercial real estate. Provided by certified environmental professionals to identify and eliminate mold and mold risk factors.


Mold & Schools


Hygieneering, Inc. specializes in Comprehensive and Cost Effective Indoor Air Quality Management and Mold Prevention programs.For only pennies a square foot, our annual Indoor Air Quality Management and Mold Prevention programs include the following key services.


  • Customized written IAQ Management & Mold Prevention Operations and Maintenance Program

  • Visual inspection for signs of water infiltration & Mold

  • Moisture testing of building materials

  • Temp, Relative Humidity, CO, Co2 and TVOC sampling

  • Annual Training on IAQ Management & Mold Prevention and Response Activities


Our Turnkey Mold Consulting and Remediation Services Include:


  • Surface and Bulk Sampling for Mold

  • Mold Remediation Specification Design

  • Mold Remediation Contractor Project Bid Solicitation

  • Turnkey Mold Remediation Project Performance

  • Final Inspection, Testing and Reporting Services


For more information, click to contact David Zeidner via email or call 630-706-6677.

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