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Prevent Tenant Renovation Dust Complaints Before They Happen

Protect your tenants and minimize costs associated with dust monitoring for health, safety and environmental compliance. Technology known as telemetry now offers you real time quantitative and precise monitoring in multiple locations for a fraction of the cost of a full time on-site industrial hygiene professional conducting this testing.

Once your tenant complains about dust from adjacent or nearby renovation activities, it is too late for building management to do anything inexpensive and proactive about it. You have your engineer check things out and talk to the contractor about the issue to identify the cause and then “react” to satisfy your upset client. Then you also have to get the cleaning staff to spend extra time and money to address the fugitive dust, without knowing a point source. Worst of all, in the long term, you worry if the complaint will turn into one of those expensive nightmare personal health and OSHA and EPA Complaint scenarios.

But what if you could prevent that dust complaint before it happened? With the use of real-time dust monitoring telemetry, you can!

Real-time dust telemetry allows you, your engineer, the contractor or anyone you choose, to access and view the dust levels in your building right from the computer at your desk or on your smart phone. Stations can be set up at critical points you choose around renovation projects. More impressive, text and e-mail alerts can be sent as soon as dust concentrations reach a set level of concern. This allows you to take action before your tenant complains! Best of all, Hygieneering will back up the results and manage the telemetry stations via QA/QC measures.

For more information on dust monitoring using telemetry, click here to contact John Feller or call our office at 630-654-2550.

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