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Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Programs Can Reduce Losses and Insurance Premiums

Severity of storm events has risen over the last 5 years, bringing increased losses due to subsequent moisture and water damage. Insurance carriers recognize the value and effectiveness of a proactive approach to minimize or prevent damage from moisture and mold.

A professionally “well developed” Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Program results in reduced risk, liability, third party health claims, additional property damage and losses and in some cases reduced insurance premiums and/or additional coverage for losses.

Important facts to know:

  • If you are carrying environmental insurance, your carrier may require you to have a Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Program for your facility.

  • By implementing a Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Program you could increase your coverage for an "indoor environmental condition "event”.

  • There is a definite financial benefit available to building owners if they adopt a facility specific program and are trained accordingly, as it will decrease the potential for larger loss claims from secondary damage associated with moisture intrusion and migrations through building materials.

  • Training of Building Maintenance and Management personal is a critical component of a Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Program

Hygieneering has been in the Environmental Health, Safety and Indoor Air Quality business for over 30 years and has been developing moisture intrusion management and mold prevention programs and training for our clients for many years. We believe (and advise our clients) that a planned proactive approach reduces risk, liability, promotes safety and health and saves money.

It is what we are all about! Managing risk and liability for our clients.

If you already have a Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Program, Hygieneering will review and update your program to ensure it is current and site specific. We can also provide the Moisture and Mold Prevention and Awareness Training to your Maintenance and Management personnel to become aware of potential factors in your facility that may lead to expensive mold remediation.

Whether you operate a healthcare facility, educational institution, suburban office park, or a high-rise office building, Hygieneering’ s Moisture Intrusion and Mold Prevention Program will provide you with a written plan unique to your facility.

We welcome the opportunity to meet and/or discuss with your team how Hygieneering can assist your team as the environmental expert to develop customized programs, deliver appropriate training and deliver moisture intrusion and air quality complaint response services that meet your carrier requirements.

Please contact Hygieneering representatives Mr. David Zeidner, Director of IAQ & Emergency Response Services or Mr. Brad Karich, Director of Environmental Construction Services via email by clicking on their names or call at 800-444-7154 with any questions or to request assistance.

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