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Worried about COVID-19 spreading through the vents of your building?

There’s an invisible obstacle to reviving Chicago’s economy from the coronavirus pandemic.

Potential transmission of the virus through air conditioning and heating systems is the latest issue employers and building owners are focusing on as they prepare for more people to head back to office towers and other non-residential buildings, whether they’re office workers or school teachers and students.

Research on the coronavirus continues to evolve, and there’s no clear consensus from public health agencies on how great the threat of airborne illness is compared with close personal contact. The World Health Organization only recently acknowledged the potential for airborne transmission.

As a precaution, some building owners are making big investments toward cleaner air. Changes to heating and cooling systems are being made late in construction or soon after a building’s completion. Read more.

To address the COVID-19 pandemic, Hygieneering's Pre-Occupancy Building Wellness Program has been enhanced to provide specific EH&S response actions & services to further protect your facility's occupants.

A minor investment in Hygieneering's Building Wellness Program will demonstrate commitment to a healthy workplace and employee well-being while also generating positive returns on employee productivity.

To further discuss how Hygieneering's Building Wellness services can help you meet your environmental objectives, please contact David Zeidner at 630-654-2550 or

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